Welcome to the official website of Dame Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

Co-Founder of Wiki Women in Red, an international campaign to redress gender disparity in Wikipedia

About Me

Speaker, Expert, Professor, Knight


I am an internationally recognized speaker and expert on gender diversity, structured data, women’s empowerment, and organizational strategy. I have spoken at venues such as the United Nations, Harvard Medical School, UC Irvine, CISCO, and the likes.  The Republic of Serbia bestowed a knighthood upon me in 2018 for my achievements. 

My professional credentials include being a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts and Vice-president of Wikimedia District of Columbia. I also sit on the Board of Advisors of Women in Journalism. In 2016, I retired from a 26-year management career at Davita Healthcare Partners. A prolific Wikipedia editor, I have created approximately 5,000 new articles. I am the founder of Wikipedia’s project on Women Writers, and the co-founder of Wiki Women in Red, the multi-language project focused on redressing Wikipedia's gender gap. 

In 2016, I was named the Wikipedian of the Year, and was shortlisted for the GEM-TECH award by the ITU/UN Women for my efforts in applying technology for women’s empowerment and digital inclusion. I am the co-author of, “The Diplomatic Mission of Captain Dr. David Albala”.

My home is in California.  I feel at home whenever I am with my family, good friends, laptop, and beloved cat.